Honey cakes bring all the boys to the yard (Attn: Craig/Elia)

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Re: Honey cakes bring all the boys to the yard (Attn: Craig/Elia)

Post by Locke » January 31st, 2017, 9:50 pm

Dedrik Stavanos

Blinking, Terric realized Elia Darrow had misunderstood him. He hadn’t meant right this moment. Glancing towards the window, Terric said, “Actually, Aes Sedai, I have spent more time here than I intended. I will have to beg your leave.”
~~~ Later that week, Terric crept into the Mistress of Novices’ study. He had seen Elia Darrow leaving and he had waited long enough to ensure it wasn’t a simple trip to the privi. Knowing she could return at any minute, he placed his covered tray on her desk.

He had spent most of the morning trying to convince Dedrik Stavanos, the Illianer pastry chef to let him use the kitchens. The recipe he used was a modified version of one of the Illianer’s own sweetbun recipes.

Keeping an eye out for Elia Darrow’s return, the Ji’Val made his way out into the hall. Terric wasn't the sort to leave a debt unpaid.
Sweet Buns or GTFO

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