The Night Air

Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds.
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Welcome to the Gardens: one of the most tranquil areas of the Tower Grounds. Birds sing in the trees which line the wide paths between beautiful flower beds and serene lakes. There are benches to sit and listen to the waterfall, and there is neatly trimmed grass to lie on and rest. Novices and Soldiers as well as Warders in Training can be seen, sweeping the stone paths as Accepted and Dedicated study from books and relax under leafy trees.
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The Night Air

Post by Ashfalcon » January 22nd, 2023, 7:19 am

Darthalien closed the door gently behind him and stepped out into the yards. It was well past Low, but despite his practice with weaves and an afternoon of intense exercise in the Yards, he still couldn't sleep. He'd been raised to Dedicated, which seemed like a good time to follow the rules instead of breaking them, but... he was Pallid. He wanted the touch of moonlight. He wanted to move through the dark. He didn't even need that peculiar weave he'd discovered; here in early spring, with the sky clear and crisp and no leaves on the trees, the crescent moon offered light enough.

He stepped out onto the gravel path, and began tracing his way into the gardens. Theirs was a bleak sort of beauty at this time of year, but it still pleased him: the still, chilly night air; the moon and stars overhead; the faint scents of soil and plants. It's too bad I can't build a fire out here, he decided. This would be a perfect night for it. Instead, he moved steadily along, setting his feet softly to avoid breaking the silence.

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