Patches and Pieces of Purple [Sunny]

Hama Valon, the city around the Grey Tower.
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Welcome to Hama Valon! The aptly named 'mountain guard' is the city that has grown up at the gates of the Grey Tower at the western edge of the Two Rivers. Like all cities, there are quiet quarters with pleasant inns, such as Elman's Creek, which used to be the nearest village when the Tower was young, but was absorbed as the new city grew; its Band of Brothers Inn is still a favorite relaxation spot for many of the Tower's denizens. And again, like all cities the world over, there are less pleasant places--narrow, nameless streets that house hells and other houses of ill repute. Most of the city falls somewhere in between, with hawkers crying their wares in the streets, respectable shopkeepers ready to serve you, and petty cutpurses happy to follow you.

Novices, Soldiers, and drin'far'ji must be accompanied by a chaperon when outside Tower walls or they risk being picked up as runaways and duly punished.
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Patches and Pieces of Purple [Sunny]

Post by Matty » July 24th, 2020, 8:45 pm

Nate Carridus "Rain." Nate tapped the side of his nose knowingly, then nodded to the nearby window. "Welcome to a hot sunny evening where it ain't so bad to be caught out in it." Dramatically on cue, thick warm droplets tapped against the glass trying to get in. He smirked, satisfied at his assessment.

The Blue was pretty good at predicting the weather by now, and if it was an annoying party trick of his to tell people what the weather was up to, then he was going to roll with it and people would simply have to deal. Right then his audience was but one person, a Red Nate personally had a lot of time for. Jaryd had always come across as someone who didn't take things too seriously, and his passion for what he did was something Nate could relate to... as well as a certain level of disdain for too much formality and rules. It looked like that suited the Red Ajah as a whole better than it did the Blue, and more than once the Mayener had daydreamed about a different choice he could have made. But if wishes were horses etc., and when it came down to it Nate was happy with his choices. Especially now he was less of a greenhorn and he was allowed more freedom to leave the Tower without so many bloody reports.

He'd started meeting Jaryd by chance at first, an innocent bump in the hallways as Nate was leaving the Red Ajah quarters. The hulking man had made his apologies, they'd chortled a little bit, and now months later they were in the Jolly Jeffrey drinking ale, eating sandwiches and planning their next (first) raid on some Darkfriends. A pasttime Nate could certainly get behind.

"Mind you," Nate leaned back in his chair, "when it's this warm I don't fancy storming a stronghold quite so much. It's bad for the hair." Was that the plan? They threatened to a few times, but then they went about their own business, their own agendas. Why, Nate was planning a jaunt to the Blight in just a couple of days, and Light knew what Jaryd was going to do with himself. They would just have more ale, wander back to their rooms, and sleep it off pointlessly.

Eugh! The years hadn't taken the edge of Nate's energy or his desire to be doing things. His long hair fell to his elbows now, and he put it up in a messy bun using a leather cord from his wrist, thick cords of muscle in his arms and chest twitching from the simple action. He was no better at articulating this need to be doing, though he did look to the window a few more times. One leg rested over the arm of the chair as he made all the appearances of being a man who was relaxed and content with a quiet evening. His simple trousers and blue shirt with the rolled up sleeves made him look less like an Asha'man and more like a Warder, but he was comfortable with this association.

"Jaryd. We come in here, drink ale, and then we go away like we're illicit lovers trying to keep a secret. I'm bored of the Tower and I've only been back three days. What the blazes is there to do around here? Can we go find some pies, or an underground fight club, or discover some Darkfriends right under our noses who we trounce in a fight? I can't-" he didn't know the right words, his bearded face struggling with the concentration that heavy Compulsion and repeated years of use had rendered necessary. "This isn't it for us, is it? Over the hill, has been Asha'man? Drinking warm ale, eating flabby fatty sandwiches, pretending to make a difference? I ain't going down like that. We find something to do here, then when the rain lets up tomorrow morning - bam! - we go find those Darkfriends in that castle and beat the snot out of them. Or whatever you wanna do, it's your intel, Red's rules."
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