A Desperate Search.. but first some ale.. (open)

Hama Valon, the city around the Grey Tower.
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Welcome to Hama Valon! The aptly named 'mountain guard' is the city that has grown up at the gates of the Grey Tower at the western edge of the Two Rivers. Like all cities, there are quiet quarters with pleasant inns, such as Elman's Creek, which used to be the nearest village when the Tower was young, but was absorbed as the new city grew; its Band of Brothers Inn is still a favorite relaxation spot for many of the Tower's denizens. And again, like all cities the world over, there are less pleasant places--narrow, nameless streets that house hells and other houses of ill repute. Most of the city falls somewhere in between, with hawkers crying their wares in the streets, respectable shopkeepers ready to serve you, and petty cutpurses happy to follow you.

Novices, Soldiers, and drin'far'ji must be accompanied by a chaperon when outside Tower walls or they risk being picked up as runaways and duly punished.
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Re: A Desperate Search.. but first some ale.. (open)

Post by MiyaMun » July 14th, 2018, 3:47 am

Takrin Medar
Takrin’s heart was still pounding from the shock of seeing someone who’d been at the White Tower. He tried to suppress this uncontrollable notion that the people he had seen vanish before the Tower collapsed were in some way responsible for the destruction. If he went down this path, he knew that there’d be little hope in getting their assistance. He didn’t quite feel like himself when he thought of that day and the people involved, and he wished he didn’t react without thinking sometimes. Usually, in his more lighthearted moods, this tendency of saying what’s on the top of his head brought on hilarity and mischief. Not … this.

As the Mayener Asha’man spoke in response to the newcomer, he knew that some of his words were directed at him. He still didn’t know completely how he felt about this Jaryd and the people he’d been with that day, but he could see where Nate was coming from. Some of it made sense, some of it was logical, but Takrin’s emotions did not follow logic as much as he would like. He ran a hand through his hair and tried to hide his look of chagrin. It made sense that it would have taken quite a few people to evacuate who they could at the White Tower. What puzzled Takrin, though, was why it seemed as if the Aes Sedai hadn’t been as involved in this process as he would have imagined. Or maybe they had been. He had just heard a lot of rumors, especially on his way here, that the Grey Tower did this, the Grey Tower did that. He had a lot of questions about that day, not the least of which was Thalina’s whereabouts, but he would remain silent… at least until he knew Thalina was safe.
“I see, were you in Tar Valon when the Tower fell, then? I’m afraid I don’t recall seeing you; everything about that day was ten shades of messy. We will have to talk about it sometime, you and I. If your sister is here, we certainly have a record of her attendance. If Mia’s not around, I have access to the novice book the same as she. Let’s get it over with, shall we?”
Takrin pushed past his discomfort, turning his attention to the shorter man. A sudden globe of light shone above Jaryd’s outstretched hand. His eyes, having become accustomed to the darkened sky, squeezed shut at the light’s abrupt appearance. Instinctively, his hand reached out to momentarily shield his eyes until they were more comfortable with he light. Jaryd had not been dressed in the formal attire of an Asha’man, so this action shocked him again – though he inwardly scolded himself a few seconds later for being surprised. The man had been part of the Grey Tower group who’d left in a… whatever that was. It should not have startled him that the man could channel. His mouth suddenly dry, he tried his best to speak without faltering – pretending that a man holding a floating globe of light was nothing new to him.

“I was there. Not at the Tower, though I had been on my way to see Thalina. Guess I’m lucky that I barely missed it, huh?” He took in a deep breath, running a hand through his hair. “I’m all kinds of lucky, seems like,” he murmured almost under his breath. He was both intrigued and anxious about continuing that conversation, so, he just let that topic be. He determined he should find something else to talk about, because he didn’t think he could handle an awkward silence with these Asha’man, nor did he think it was safe to talk about that day. Not yet, anyway.

“This Mia lady, she keep those girls straight? Thalina can be a hand full… though she’s been a lot more serious past couple of years when I met up with her.” As he followed Nate and Jaryd, Takrin spoke more about Thalina’s antics – the ones she told him about anyway. He’s sure she kept her juiciest stories secret, at least until she was done with her training and became a full-blown Aes Sedai. He spoke about Thalina because he was avoiding more awkward questions. He didn’t want to risk insulting anyone who was about to help him find his sister, and he didn’t see a point in getting to know these guys when he was going to leave the moment he found she was here, safe and sound. He’d go home, tell Mother she was here, and go on with his life. Quick and easy, right?

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Re: A Desperate Search.. but first some ale.. (open)

Post by Matty » July 15th, 2018, 5:31 pm

Nate Encountered with a somewhat emotive lad, Jaryd just smiled and had that easy manner that Nate simply relaxed into. He moved and spoke in a way that reminded him of the way the Red would bounce around the rooftops; light, springy, then sometimes he just dropped on your head. Nate didn't have that easy, unaffected manner to him, and as they continued on their way to the Grey Tower, the Blue inwardly consoled himself that hey, at least he'd tried, and it was the best he could do. Jaryd would make things a lot easier from here.

It didn't occur to the man that the light was for anything more than being polite, not until Takrin started talking and Nate began to zone out. He didn't mean to, he wanted to be polite, but his attention span seemed to have suffered somewhat over the years and really, he had no idea who this Novice was and why would he be interested in her? But he did make sure to nod in all the right places, his gaze settling on the orb of light subconsciously. It did click eventually that the light was more than a mere aid, and Nate smiled a little to himself. Jaryd was no doubt trying to kill some time, and if he could channel then there seemed no point in sending him away. If his sister was a Novice then there was a good chance he could learn to channel; Nate had two brothers, and Reuben had the spark. Tristan could have learned, but opted against it. That was Jaryd's realm of expertise, not his.

"'This Mia Lady' is Miahala Sedai," Nate said when there was a break in the stories, "and if she can't keep the Novices in line then I don't know who can." Jaryd might have an easy manner and not mind, but Nate wasn't inclined to let visitors be so casual about the work they did with the youngsters who needed guidance and training. One didn't go through the Arches or the Stairs just to be called "this lady" or "that guy".

Naturally the gates to the Grey Tower were guarded, and the men there recognised Nate's uniform, and probably Jaryd's curly hair. They were let in without a fuss, and the Blue debated telling Takrin that this would have taken him a lot longer to achieve by himself. However, for the sake of being polite he didn't. The Grey Tower could explain itself, the looming structure impressive even at night. Nate didn't get all nostalgic over the grounds whenever he came back from a mission, but after the Black Tower he did appreciate it a little more. "Stay close," he advised, "the Tower is safe but it will save you a lot of questions." Jaryd led them in the direction of the Soldier and Novice quarters, as they had their offices there and that was where the book would be found. Nate figured he could stick around until he knew what the situation was, offer to make a Gateway if Takrin wanted to be away quickly, then possibly go back to drinking.
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