All Work and No Fun Make Paks a . . .dull girl [Attn: Bella and Nat]

Hama Valon, the city around the Grey Tower.
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Welcome to Hama Valon! The aptly named 'mountain guard' is the city that has grown up at the gates of the Grey Tower at the western edge of the Two Rivers. Like all cities, there are quiet quarters with pleasant inns, such as Elman's Creek, which used to be the nearest village when the Tower was young, but was absorbed as the new city grew; its Band of Brothers Inn is still a favorite relaxation spot for many of the Tower's denizens. And again, like all cities the world over, there are less pleasant places--narrow, nameless streets that house hells and other houses of ill repute. Most of the city falls somewhere in between, with hawkers crying their wares in the streets, respectable shopkeepers ready to serve you, and petty cutpurses happy to follow you.

Novices, Soldiers, and drin'far'ji must be accompanied by a chaperon when outside Tower walls or they risk being picked up as runaways and duly punished.
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Re: All Work and No Fun Make Paks a . . .dull girl [Attn: Bella and Nat]

Post by Roan » July 19th, 2018, 3:09 pm

The Ji’val accepted the help given by Nat to get to her feet. Turning her head away from the Gaidin, she spit out another mouthful of blood. As adrenaline started to wear off, pain started to blossom in her nose, and ribs. A stubborn part of her wanted to argue she was fine, but the blood coming from her nose was a pretty clear indication she was anything but fine.

“I won’t argue with you there,” Paks replied. Looking at the unconscious forms of each of the goons, she shook her head and looked back to Nat, “How did you manage to take three of the bastards out to my one?!”

‘She’s a Gaidin, and she’s not been slacking in her training the way you tend to do. I mean, you held your own, no doubt, but. . .you want to be like her? You gotta learn to focus, my heart,’ Jesi appeared behind Nat and wore a knowing smirk as she folded her arms.

Paks shot her a flat look before looking back to the Gaidin. Jesi disappeared. . .for now.

Before Nat had a chance to reply, the Ji’val coughed and winced, “The Yellows are going to love me for this. They may never let me back out of the infirmary again.”

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