Into the den of the lioness (Attn: Miahala Sedai)

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Re: Into the den of the lioness (Attn: Miahala Sedai)

Post by Jack » August 12th, 2020, 11:03 pm

Malcym nodded stiffly at the Aes Sedai’s words as he stood straight.

This meeting had ... well been a blasted disaster.

But then Malcym Ashe was never one actually retreat from a battle of words once committed. Actual battles, he’d scramble if it met other lives could be saved and the fight could commence later, but a war of wills ...

... was usually where his foot ended up in his mouth and halfway to his stomach.

Unfortunately, that was the case in this particular instance. And while he normally might have stood his ground until the bitter end or ensured he had hammered his point home, further antagonizing the Captain-General might be hazardous to his health.

So instead, he bowed stiffly and said just as rigidly, “As you command, Aes Sedai.”

He turned on his shoulder but just prior to exiting the opened door, he turned his head slightly, the Green on the edge of his vision.

It was there that Malcym Ashe’s common sense fled once again, as his mouth attempted to draw final proverbial blood.

“And it’s disappointing to see an Aes Sedai, who people proclaim her to be in touch with the common folk, has in fact lost touch with that aspect of reality,” he murmured. “I guess it’s inevitable for most Aes Sedai and Asha’man, the longer they hold their rank. Time passes and they become more and more like petty nobles and lordlings, and less in touch with the roots they came from ... and consider those folk no more than fodder for their games.”

Without another word, Malcym exited and closed the door behind him.

“Stupid, stupid choice of words, Malcym Ashe,” he whispered to himself once half a hall away.
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