Lessons in Ter'Angreal attn: Elia

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Re: Lessons in Ter'Angreal attn: Elia

Post by Alianora » May 10th, 2019, 9:47 pm

Accepted Amaranie
It wasn't the first ter'angreal Amaranie had managed to create during classes such as these, but that didn't make the Accepted any less satisfied with the work she'd done today. Her cheeks flushed pink as Elia Sedai inspected the object and declared it nearly perfect. For all that she had had some successes, her failures had also been quite numerous, and Amaranie never quite expected to earn such approval in any of her classes. Somehow, it always seemed to surprise her when she did.

She took the ter'angreal back when it was offered, bending her head to study it. While she couldn't see the weaves she'd used to create it any longer, Amaranie could still recall the process and those parts she could have done better. With a slight shake of her head, she said, "Thank you, Elia Sedai. I still need to work on my fine control of Air weaves, though." If I can ever manage that, she thought to herself. Still looking down, Amaranie gave her creation a last, fond smile before offering it back to the Indigo. "Will this be going into the Vaults, Elia Sedai?" she asked, already certain it would be. She would never be foolish enough to use it to create a mess as the Aes Sedai had suggested earlier, but Amaranie could think of more than a few other Accepted who just might be tempted. It might be harmless, but she was sure the Indigos would want to keep it stored away just for the potential annoyance it could cause.

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