Parcels and Fans (Fanfic)

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Parcels and Fans (Fanfic)

Post by Lugh » October 4th, 2018, 4:22 pm

Beron walked the streets of Hama Valon, enjoying the sunshine and bustle of the city. It had been awhile since he had last made time to sample the wares of the shops that lined the cobblestone streets, a fact both his mother and sister had made a point of reminding him about.

Chuckling as he thought of his sisters latest letter, full of comments on his slowly improving writing and probing questions about his elevation to Gaidin; Beron made his way to the bundle of shops that served as dress makers to many at the Grey Tower. His sister foremost in his mind, he spoke with the shopkeeper, a Domani woman who soon was pouring over the list his sister had sent. He did his best to keep from noticing the way she moved through the store, but on the second occasion that she bumped into him, Beron realized the woman had been play acting for effect. “My sister had hoped you would have everything here, or be able to suggest something else,” Beron said as he straightened the growing bundle of dresses, shifts and scarves.

“Oh dear, I can more than take care of you,” replied the shopkeeper with a smile that made Beron flush, and she laughed musically when she realized she had scored the effect she wanted. “I get so few men in here, it’s nice to know I can make red blooded Gaidin blush,” she teased as she finished tying the bundle of clothes into a soft cloth that would protect them in travel.

“You would have the Warder Yards as still as a lake in midwinter if you walked through Lady,” Beron replied with a little of his old soldier’s swagger, and laughing was shooed out of the shop as a trio of women had arrived to pick up their own parcels.

In good spirits, Beron grabbed some food from a cart, the spicy meat and thick pastry a delicious repast as he continued to enjoy his foray from the Grey Tower. Isla had a set of riding skirts she had asked him to pick up, the seamstress having made them in a rush for an Aes Sedai. As he neared the shop where the dress would be waiting, he stopped as he caught a display out of the corner of his eye. On impulse, he walked into the store and was pleased to see they were uncrating what looked to be a variety of fans.

“Well met Gaidin, is there anything I can help you with?” asked a women as she continued to direct the other workers in their tasks. Thinking she was probably the owner or his wife, Beron nodded towards the fans, “I see that you had new wares. I was hoping to buy a few.”

“Certainly, although I take it by your accent that you are Saldaean, and in that case any woman you would be thinking of buying it for, will need something less everyday?” asked the woman, her blue eyes examining his reaction with the skill of a consummate seller.

“Yes, in fact I have two dresses here that I would appreciate your help in matching with something. My mother and sister will be overjoyed to show off,” said Beron with a chuckle as he recalled evenings spent in the farmhouse, his mother explaining the myriad ways one could use a fan to his sister. He was well pleased with the fans the lady presented, their fine lace dyed in colours that would play off the dresses quite well she assured him.

As he was glancing around he spotted a smaller fan, more suited to travel than to a fancy evening spent dining and sipping wine. Still, it was well made, the wood smooth and polished to a gleam, and the fan itself was woven in a design that made him think of leaves or petals. As he felt it with his hand, he thought back to a day where he had spent an afternoon charming a smile from an Accepted who had come to enjoy his music. There had been little time to play for her since their elevation to Aes Sedai and Gaidin, but he smiled as he placed it with the rest of his purchases. If her were back in Saldaea, he was sure word of his buying a fan would have arrived at the farm before he did, but here he could simply gift Isla something that reminded him of home.

Later that afternoon, he arrived to find their quarters were still empty, although that did not surprise him. Isla was most likely at the Infirmary, or perhaps teaching and so he took the bundle of her riding dress, and placing the fan on top of it took a paper. Taking his time, he wrote as neatly as he could.

I will see you for dinner, let’s go to Hama Valon for the night. And I wanted you to have this, Beron wrote carefully. He wasn’t sure that Isla would necessarily understand the fan at first, but he supposed he could explain a little of it over dinner. With that, he headed to the Travelling Square to see if he could find a courier that would return his letter and parcels to his family farm.

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