Summoned (open)

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Summoned (open)

Post by Alianora » January 7th, 2018, 3:32 am

Liaran Sedai
As Liaran walked towards the Hall, the Aes Sedai was fully aware that every step she took brought her closer to her own death. Though she was nervous about the trial that would come before the inevitable, Liaran didn't fear the sentence that would surely follow it. She knew she'd earned it the moment she'd taken the rock in her hands and struck. Those same hands held her shawl tightly around her shoulders as she continued to walk, the only outward sign of her nerves. She resisted the urge to kick at the skirts that covered her legs. The light blue dress was far more ornate than she'd usually wear, but appropriate for the summons she answered. She felt trapped inside of it.

Reaching the Hall, Liaran took a deep breath and released her grip on the edges of her shawl, forcing her hands to her sides. Her head lifted slightly as she passed the spectators who had come to observe the rare sight of an Aes Sedai on trial. She felt calmer than she'd expected as she passed by them towards a single chair that faced five others and took her place in it. Her mind drifted to the lessons in Tower law she'd had many years ago as a novice, of the three judges, the Seat of Rebuke, and the Seat of Pardon who would together preside over a formal trial. She had not thought, then, that she would ever see one. Never in her life had Liaran thought herself capable of behavior that would result in being brought before the Tower for judgment.

Liaran sat up straight as she awaited the arrival of those who would try her, and tried not to think too hard about what was to come, though she could not avoid it entirely. She was ready, even willing, to confess to the murder she had committed. She'd known it was wrong almost as soon as she'd returned home and allowed herself to think about everything that had taken place during the war. What the Aes Sedai feared, and tied her stomach in knots, was the thought of being asked to explain why she'd done it. She did not want to relive those memories before anyone, let alone such a crowd of people, and she knew that she would be given no choice about it. The entire Tower would soon learn her most painful secrets, and Liaran thought that she might just welcome death after that. She took another deep breath, reminding herself that soon enough, it would be over, and she would receive the punishment she was certain she deserved.
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Re: Summoned (open)

Post by Bella » January 11th, 2018, 12:08 am

Haeden Ives Gaidin
It was something that the blonde Gaidin had hoped would not happen or come to pass, but as was often said in the Warder Yards: Hope is a lousy plan.

He sat in the stands of observers not out of curiosity or requirement, but out of genuine concern. There was just something in him that drew him to the Blue Aes Sedai. Before, he had worried that it was just duty and then his sense of failure and guilt. But it felt like it went past that now, and he was very worried about what the judgement of the Hall would be.

To the point where he even wondered if he could help her escape should they call for execution. But he knew she was a Blue, and she was remorseful within herself. She would not consent.

It drew sorrow from somewhere in his core.

He tried to combat that sorrow--to fight with the weapons he had, like any good Gaidin--with hope that the Hall would not seek their most extreme verdict; that they would see the mitigating factors and show mercy.

Haeden's eyes lifted to where the seats of the Ajahs were, seeking his mother, but then reminded himself she was not there. She was ordered by Gareth to remain in bed, with the impending birth of his little brother or sister. There was another Green, and the Sitters, there in her stead to make the numbers needed. There would be no help there.

So he leaned forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his legs and resting his chin again his folded hands in the only sign of his anxiety as he watched Liaran sit and prepare herself.

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Re: Summoned (open)

Post by Andy » January 11th, 2018, 1:12 am

There were few things that truly rankled him so far as to make him set foot in the Hall. The fact that one of the few whom had stood beside him, and others, however brief, against the Shadow could be tried into oblivion, was one of them. He was not a perfect human, far from it. He had made mistakes and he had killed those who may have been innocent. Black Ajah, White didn't matter. Not in reality. That much had been proved of late, sadly. Who could ever truly prove that those who fell in the heat of the moment were truly deserving?

I remember you Liaran, you are not a bad heart. We talked. Briefly admittedly, but I sensed no Shadow from you he thought as he sat, watching the proceedings.

He was Gaidin Captain and as such was afforded a closer seat than most but he wished he hadn't been. It was distasteful to him. What he saw was a farce. War was war. As he watched the idea that Liaran wanted this crept into his mind. It didn't make sense to him. Poised, ready. The Blue was that and much more. His mind flashed back to the things he had done for the Tower over the years. For its people. He had broken rules, many rules. Some of his best friendships had come from such things.

He was not sure that you could claim both murder and war in the same breath. At least not do so and be consistent. By definition the White Tower had not treated their prisoners of war that graciously. Even supposing that the Grey Tower was supposed to be 'better' it still left a whole slew of questions and philosophies that he was not sure many even tried to care about.

And so he sat, watched and listened. If the evidence was damning then he would stand by it. But he suspected that evidence was as malleable as perspective. Too many had suffered already. He would spare another if he could. Not that he thought he could have that much of an impact, all things considered.

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Re: Summoned (open)

Post by Roan » January 12th, 2018, 10:18 pm

Tia Sedai
A Blue Sister on trial for the murder of a White Tower Aes Sedai. Given what Jaren had been put through, what Tia, Andraste and the others had been subjected to when negotiating for his release, and the subsequent. . .war, short lived as it may have been? The Green looked around the hall feeling a great deal of uncertainty about what was about to take place.

Admittedly, Tia didn’t know all the details. She’d heard Liaran Sedai wasn’t supposed to be at the White Tower. She didn’t understand the reasons why her Blue Sister shouldn’t have been there, but part of her was more than a little thankful for her presence. It took every single person the Grey Tower sent to see to the freedom of Jaren, herself and the others, never mind the safety of the Learning Ranks.

How could anyone who was at the White Tower that fateful day come before the hall with the charge of murder laid before them?

Word was Liaran Sedai submitted herself to go before the Hall, which was more puzzling. Tia didn’t know Liaran well, but she wondered what compelled her to submit herself. Perhaps everything would become more clear as the trial progressed.

It was not lost on Tia that they were trying the Blue Sister and not Ninya Sedai. The former Amyrlin had killed one of her Accepted. Tia learned of Jesi’s death within hours of her return to the Tower. The Captain General, her own kin, had witnessed what happened, and seethed about the entire thing. That Ninya escaped that same day. . .given Mia was with child and due any day, she doubted her Great Memma would be on the hunt for Ninya soon, but she somehow doubted Mia would simple let others deal with the Darkfriend. Tia wasn’t sure she could let others deal with it, either, but that was a concern for another time.

Looking around the Hall, Tia saw her great Uncle Haeden looking. . .reserved. Not too far from him sat Alrim Gaidin. Both had been at the White Tower that day. Both knew what it was like. Would they speak on Liaran Sedai’s behalf if it came to it? Tia knew she’d step forward for the Blue, and suspected each and every person who’d been at the White Tower would do the same.

Was there such a thing as murder in the midst of war? That was more a question for the Blue, or perhaps the Grey to answer. For Tia, the world was a bit more black and white, in some respects. Could any evidence from that day be so damning? The Green sat back in her seat and crossed her legs, fighting the urge to tap her toe or get up and pace the back of the hall. She was not known for her patience or having the Aes Sedai calm facade, but she did her best to. . .sit still.

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Re: Summoned (open)

Post by Alianora » January 15th, 2018, 3:13 am

Liaran Sedai
The stands were nearly full, and every set of eyes rested on her. The scrutiny made Liaran nervous, though she did her best to ignore it and focus exclusively on the judges before her and the Sitters in their places. She had noticed, however, that Haeden had come though she had hoped, for his sake, that he wouldn't. Doesn't he know that I'll have to tell them all? She hated the thought that he'd have to sit and listen to her explain what the White Tower had done to her for a second time when he'd already had to hear it once, and worse, to witness it. She didn't let herself look at him, instead listening to the ceremonial words that would begin her trial.

"Who comes before the Hall of the Tower?"

She rose from her seat and spoke the appropriate responses calmly, though she could feel her heartbeat begin to speed up. A Sitter for the Grey stood to face her. Liaran kept her head high as the woman read out the charges against her.

"Liaran din Chelai Morning Star, Aes Sedai. You have been summoned before the Hall of the Tower to be judged for the crime of murder. Do you declare yourself to be innocent or guilty of this charge against you?"

"I am guilty," Liaran answered, though her voice remained strong. She'd convicted herself of it many days before she'd found the strength to submit herself to the Hall for trial. By now, Liaran believed that the execution she was sure to receive would be preferable to continuing to live with the crushing weight of guilt she'd felt since she'd returned from the war. She was more than ready to answer before the Hall for what she'd done.

The Sitter continued to question her. "You submitted yourself to us for judgment, claiming that you killed an Aes Sedai from the White Tower without provocation. Describe how this happened."

It was a simple enough question, and Liaran did not hesitate in her response. "During the war, I Traveled to the White Tower against a direct order from the Amyrlin Seat," she began. "I was trying to get to the basements, but I opened the wrong door and found one of their Aes Sedai sitting in a courtyard. I failed to control myself, and I found a rock and hit her over the head with it until I knew she was dead. I did this even though she never raised a hand against me." Her voice never wavered, and she appeared to be perfectly calm, but inwardly the Aes Sedai winced. Her crime sounded much worse now than when she'd told Haeden about it....but of course, Haeden knew how the woman had harmed her, something Liaran just couldn't bring herself to admit before the Hall. Light, but they must all think I'm a monster.

She tried not to think about how she would likely be forced into it as the trial continued. The Sitter nodded, asking, "What was your motivation for acting as you did?" Liaran didn't want to tell the entire truth of the matter. Beaten, stilled, left to die on the Tar Valon road.... Knowing that she couldn't say so, Liaran instead said, "I was angry with the White Tower for their actions against us. They kidnapped an Asha'man and held an entire peaceful delegation as captives. They had no right to do it, and I was so furious about the situation that I did not stop to think about what I did. And...I was afraid of the harm that might come to our people, and I would have done anything to prevent it."

Liaran was more nervous, now, afraid to be asked further about why she had been so angry, why she felt that their people were in danger. She knew she couldn't explain without describing her own experience, and she dreaded the thought. Confessing to murder, she thought, had been easy, compared to the idea of being made to tell the entire Hall, and a good portion of the Tower, what had happened to her, and how it had driven her actions during the war.

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