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Lou's Tracker

Post by Lou » September 30th, 2019, 10:56 am

Lou's Tracker


- To Share A Lunch - w/ Dreyric Briouse (RJ)
- Tea on the brain - w/ Mim npc (Grey Ajah Exploration)
- Lost New Arrival - w/ Alienor (Alix)


- You Will do this. You will! oh. w/ Ali npc
- The scent of parchment and ink w/ Kalyan (Ali)
- Daggers At Dusk Zhenquan (Eve)
- Hand in Hand... er what? w/ Riahana Ferria (Roan)

Completed Threads
- More than a pole - Spear Training
- Opening A Flower - Talaitha w/ Liaran din Chelai Morning Star (Alianora)
- That's the *Point* w/ Beron (Lugh)
- Actions & Consequences (closed)
- Dreams and Legends (closed)
- Grass So Soft - w/ Kalyan Rihera (Aianora)
- Reluctant Tour Guide w/ Zhenquan (Eve)
- A First Touch - w/ Isla Sedai (Bella)
- Nations Class
- Watch Out For The Twang! w/ Athilin (Nani)

If any of my character appeal to you and yours, then drop me a note below and we can plot or catch me on Discord LuLuBlue#6666
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