Family Affairs (Attn: Natlya/Bella)

The everyday life of the inhabitants of the Grey Tower. This board is for general daily roleplay around the Tower, in the corridors, rooms and halls that make up most of the building.
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Family Affairs (Attn: Natlya/Bella)

Post by Jack » December 8th, 2020, 8:47 am

Alanshir do'Rai Asha'man Alanshir looked at the note in his hand as he paced to and frow across his small office. The Grey Asha’man frowned, his iron-grey eyes flashing as he read every letter.

He’d been invited to a party hosted by a cousin of his wife, the Lady Sarisa Tyrone. While his wife’s family thrived in Hama Valon, her family held estates in Ghealdan. It was a high House, much like Alanshir’s House, although his family was from the Murandian side of the border.

The youthful Asha’man was half-tempted to ignore the invite, prone to cast it to the compost heap the Tower had set up. A last-minute word from his wife, who was currently residing in some bloody suite in the Cairhienin palace, insisted that he attend to maintain her family’s presence.

House Tyrone, while a border family, was a somewhat powerful Ghealdan house. An old house that traced its line back to the Ten Nations, its power lay not in lands or titles, but in its mercantile status. And a modest alum mine near its estate.

Normally Alanshir would have ignored the invitation, citing the lack of his wife’s presence as a complication, or some sort of Ajah business that kept him preoccupied. But a second note he held had him reconsidering. It was from a little bird in his father-in-law’s estate informing him of something recent ... and something important.

Something that little bird had seen with her own eyes and described quite well before it had been taken to the vaults. Alanshir had only spent a handful of times in his wife’s ancestral home — more than he liked — but he was familiar enough with the location. The Lord Tyrone was kind enough to show his Asha’man son-in-law the contents once or twice, and most were rare artifacts collected from the Breaking of the World and since. Almost like a miniature museum one might expect in Tarabon.

The only problem was he couldn’t exactly ... make himself present in that location. He didn’t know the layout well enough, and forming a Gateway was a foolish venture, especially when one had an Aes Sedai who once belonged to the White Tower as an adviser.

Alanshir folded the letter and frowned slightly. No, this required a far more delicate touch. And sadly his talents did not include that particular delicate touch. The Grey Asha’man was a skilled mediator and deft channeler, but those things did not extend to slyer arts.

“Yevlin,” he called after a moment. A few seconds later, an ordinary-looking dark-haired Dedicated came rushing into his office.

“Yes, Asha’man,” his aide said immediately, bowing deeply. Alanshir would have sighed, but knew better. Ever since that incident with Sebastian, he’d been ... picky about his aides. Regardless of whether Sebastian had been a Darkfriend, the man had been an effective aide. Yevlin, on the other hand ... well, was actually better, but Alanshir constantly tripped over the lad.

Of course, the boy was also good at keeping abreast of the day-to-day activities of certain individuals.

“Gaidin Natlya Cade ... I would like to seek an audience with her ... “

The Dedicated looked up, his brown eyes curious, but not too curious. “A Ji told me while in passing that she was on the southern terrace overlooking the training yards, Asha’man. Shall I send a message ahead ...”

Alanshir smiled and shook his head, raising a hand. “No, Yevlin, that won’t be necessary. You’ve the rest of this day.”

Without a word, the Grey left his study.

His course took him from the Grey Ajah Halls, through the Tower and eventually to the Warder Yards. He knew the halls and paths and roads of the Tower grounds well enough to know where he tread and seldom did those of the Grey Ajah venture into the Yards. Alanshir was the rare exception; his first wife had been a Green Aes Sedai, and she had spent a lot of time in the Yards. As such, Alanshir was familiar with this part of the Tower.

When his path landed him on the southern terrace of the Yards training area, Alanshir saw the back of a redhaired woman of average height with a figure ... well, one most men might find pleasing.

The Grey had never considered that. Instead, what had caught his attention had been her ability as a Warder ... and her ingenuity. It was apparent the day she had saved his life and those of his children from a rather stupid attack by Darkfriends in the Infirmary.

Most Asha’man, especially those of his own Ajah, might have attempted to play games of innuendo and half-measures, but Alanshir wasn’t one for such silly nonsense unless the Game called for it.

He sidled up to the terrace balcony silently, without a word, and looked at the trainees below, those who would become future Warders.

“An Indigo Asha’man who once mentored me spoke of a girl, sharp as a Powerforged knife, who was good at relieving things from people like myself, highborn ladies and lords, someone nearly as good as he had been,” Alanshir murmured, looking down at the yards below. “He brought her here along with another ... and well, the rest is history, but that girl became well, the Gaidin Captain.”

He cast his steel-grey eyes at the Gaidin and smirked. “The question is ... did that girl’s spirit ever survive the training these Yards provide to benefit the Tower ... and can she dance?” he asked. “I find myself very much in need of such a person, as I’ll need a companion to attend a family affair ... and it would make sense if an Asha’man is attended by his Warder in the absence of his Lady wife.”

Alanshir’s smirk turned into a subtle smile ... and his eyes glittered with a silent challenge.

“It’s also understandable if one is out of practice ...” he teased.
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Re: Family Affairs (Attn: Natlya/Bella)

Post by Bella » December 23rd, 2020, 7:12 pm

As one of the unbonded Gaidin of the Grey Tower, Natlya Cade had taken it upon herself to train and keep an eye on the trainees. Then some woolheaded fool a few steps above her in the food chain had decided to give her a title that went alongside the task she was already doing, thus making it all more complicated.

She still had no clue whose idea this had been, but when she found them...

For now, however, she was content to stand on the terrace that had an overview of the majority of the Yards. Although some details of the people were obscured from this distance, she could still figure out who most were and thus have an equally good overview of where all the trainers and trainees were in their various journeys.

Her ears were drawn away, however, when she heard someone walking up behind her. Footsteps on the stone blocks. Someone...tall. Not heavy but not light. A man. They weren't sneaking up on her, but they weren't announcing their presence either. Her body tensed by direction outside of her conscious control, but she waited to see who it was.

Ah. The Grey from the infirmary.

What he had to say was...interesting as well. She glanced at him with a raised red brow and then turned back to the view with a smirk. "If that girl didn't have trainees to watch, she'd probably already have half of your possessions in her possession by now." The smirk grew. "And yes, she can dance." Flashes of memories of thievery while dancing came to mind just then and made her chuckle.

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