Right place wrong time (attn: miahala!!!)

The everyday life of the inhabitants of the Grey Tower. This board is for general daily roleplay around the Tower, in the corridors, rooms and halls that make up most of the building.
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Right place wrong time (attn: miahala!!!)

Post by Ashley » August 29th, 2020, 6:37 pm

Kiani al’Jaqhar pulled up on the reins of her black stallion with a firm hand, and Daishar snorted softly, rolling one brown eye back to look at the mistress sitting easily in his saddle. Icy blue gray eyes scanned the tree line ahead of her, knowing that about a mile away, through the trees, lay Hama Valon. Hama Valon, and the Grey Tower. It was still..strange, in a way, calling the Grey Tower home. She had been raised in the White Tower, raised in the traditional structure as a Novice, and then as an Accepted, but then when the shadowspawn had revealed themselves - finally - for the plague that they were, she and the rest of her Green sisters, along with a good many others, had gone to the Grey Tower. A spike of rage dashed through her heart, and her knuckles turned white for a moment on the worn leather in her fingers.

A strong, calloused hand came to rest on her left shoulder, and Kiani didn’t even glance to her left to know it was Hiram. She could feel his ball of emotions, his presence, in the back of her mind, along with the presences of her other three Warders as they pulled up alongside her. “Kiani,” he said, his gravelly voice like stones rolling down a mountain. “We don’t have to return to this Grey Tower if we don’t want to. We can go back to the Blightborder. Light, even Zekiel has begun to be good with that long stick he calls a polearm when he doesn’t rely on saidin.” A bark of a laugh behind him in reply. “In truth, Kiani...we only want to do what is best for you. We follow where you direct. You are our commander. We, your blades. And I-”

“And some of us are here to make sure you still laugh,” a pleasant voice said on her right, as a whicker from another horse came up next to her, and a pair of laughing green eyes with a well-trimmed goatee in a tanned face grinned at her. Kai Alseef was from Tear, originally, and had been a Gaidin at the White Tower when Kiani had bonded him. And was her close confidante, more often than not. Truly skilled with the sword at his hip, Hiram had taken him under his wing when he was training at the White Tower, and Kiani had become captivated by him then.

“We are continuing,” Kiani said firmly, and her lips curled up in a small smile. Thank the Light she had been stripped of the Three Oaths when she went to the Grey Tower initially. Being able to lie now was far more beneficial of a skill than she would’ve liked to admit. “The Grey Tower is where we belong, even if we do not come home often. I admit, I am far more comfortable on the road hunting our quarry than here, and every time we come back something changes. It feels like...a new place every time.” She shrugged. “But it is our stronghold. The four of you,” her gaze swept to include Jak, “have your places there as well. You’ll be needed to help train the new recruits, the next generation of Gaidin to protect their Aes Sedai. As will I.” The wind picked up slightly, ruffling the raven’s feathers threaded through her mid-back length black hair. “Now come. Daylight is wasting, and I’d like to get settled before nightfall.”

Jak booted his mare forward, his sword bouncing at his hip as he scouted ahead. Old habits died hard, even this far south from the Borderlands. His color-shifting cloak made him nearly disappear into the trees, and Kiani chuckled. “He won’t be happy sitting still for long.”

Hiram shrugged. “He is Andoran. Are they ever happy sitting still?” His topknot swayed into his vision. “They are nearly as bad as Shienarans.” The three of her remaining Warders fanned out to Kiani’s sides and behind her, making their typical diamond formation while they were travelling. It offered optimal protection, and made it so that they could see the most of every angle while they rode.

About an hour later, they walked their horses onto the Grey Tower grounds, and Kiani slipped down off of Daishar’s back, her divided green skirts swishing around her ankles. She was a petite woman, barely brushing five feet normally. The horse butted his head against her, and she ran her pale fingers down his solid black nose. “Thank you, my friend. Go with Hiram. He’ll get you fed.”

Her first Warder, and one of her oldest friends, took the reins from her. “We will see you later, Kiani?” He asked. At her nod, he turned away, walking both their horses with him. Jak and Zekiel followed suit, both of them laughing and jovial, though Zekiel had left his polearm on his horse’s saddle.

Kai held back, resting a hand on her shoulder for a moment longer than necessary. “Stay safe while I’m not at your side,” he said softly. “I’ll see you later.” Kiani sent him warmth through the Bond, and he walked after the other three. Kiani embraced saidar and used fine strands of Air to wipe the dust of travel off her dress. Her tilted, bird-of-prey Saldaean eyes looked around for a familiar face. Anyone. Well, she was back in the Grey Tower now. It was about time to get back into a routine. She made her way towards the Tower proper, wishing she hadn’t left her shawl in her saddlebag. Once in the Green Quarters, Kiani made her way to where she remembered her rooms were. With a tired sigh, she opened the door and blinked. These were most definitely not her rooms. “I….am sorry,” she said, a bright blush flashing across her cheeks. “I must have been gone from the Tower longer than I thought. I mistook these for my rooms.”

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Re: Right place wrong time (attn: miahala!!!)

Post by Bella » September 6th, 2020, 10:37 pm

"Who goes there!"

The Aes Sedai entering the wrong door was greeted by the voice of a child. A little boy, about six years old. He was dressed in breeches and a loose shirt, his feet bare and his head covered in curly, bright red hair. His eyes were slanted and bright blue. He was holding a wooden practice dagger, which in his hands looked like a sword, pointing it at her.

"Why have you come to our room?!" he demanded a moment later, an adorably ferocious look on his chubby face.

"Iain," a woman's voice called from just out of sight. A moment later, said woman approached the open door.

Miahala had felt the door open with her wards, but the threshold had not been crossed. She kept a series of them there to protect her son, and then herself and her warder-husband. She did not imagine this to be any real threat, however, and she saw the face on the other side of the door and vaguely recognized one of the many transplanted Aes Sedai from the White Tower.

For her part, Mia was a tall woman--about 5'8"--with a very full figure and the composure and poise of a porcelain statue. She was not ageless, for she did not bear the Oaths, but the touch of silver in her auburn hair showed that she was an Aes Sedai of considerable age. Her slanted blue-green eyes and strong nose made clear her nation of origin.

"Can I help you?" Mia asked, putting her hands on Iain's shoulders and silently sending him--and his sword--off.

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