Echoes ... (Attn: Bella/Lysira)

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Re: Echoes ... (Attn: Bella/Lysira)

Post by Jack » July 2nd, 2020, 2:34 am

If there was ever moment in the last several years that Jerid wished he could feel again, it was Lysira’s lips on his own. One that welcomed and returned a kiss.

He had long ago accepted that she might not welcome him back into her life. A year spent in the stedding provided enough reflection in his life to steel him for such a possibility.

But at this moment in time, with their kiss, he felt any doubt fall away. And across the bond ... a warmth which he had not experienced for the entirety of his self-exile.

Such shock vaulted through his body that he did not anticipate Lysira’s next movement, which saw him on the flat of his back, looking up at his Warder. A heartbeat turned into eternity as he stared at a pair of black eyes that had haunted his dreams for 15 years.

Eyes he had followed across lifetimes and other worlds. Eyes he knew were real now, as she lay on top of him.

Another kiss, this one by her, coursed through his system and set his blood afire. He returned it with a fervor before she broke away and spoke.

A small smile touched Jerid’s lips and arms wrapped around her, he nearly spoke ...

... when he heard a cough and felt Lysira’s body tense. Signals across the now unveiled bond were enough to shout of possible danger. But he knew the cough, or rather the owner for that particular day since she was fond of such social cues for the entirety of her watching the Asha’man.

It had spoiled the few conversations earlier this morning that Jerid had actually relished in his isolation.

Jerid’s arms tightened instinctively around Lys’s waist, pulling her slightly closer to him even as he shook his head. He knew well enough the darkness that resided in her, knew her instinct to protect a Ward might come to the fore ... he knew her.

“Asha’man, your half mark is up,” the Sa’Ji assigned to him for that day said, slightly embarrassed.

Jerid arched his head upward, seeing a slightly blushing trainee looking down at the pair. Her eyes suddenly averted and she stood at attention. “If you’re finished ...”

For the first time in more years than he could remember, Jerid laughed. A hardy one, almost at the light of the situation. It clearly threw the trainee off as the laughter died down and he leaned in to nip Lysira’s lips briefly.

“Sa’Ji’Val, you are excused from the duty of guarding me,” he said with some mirth. “As is her sacred right as my Wardert, Lysira Gaidin has that in hand. Come Shadow fall or my own idiocracy, she will see me through from now ‘til mine last day.”

His eyes were still on Lysira. His lips close to hers, his arms around hers.

And still the Sa’Ji persisted.

Light, but there were days since his return when he regretted leaving the Tower. So much second-guessing of the words he spoke

“But sir, the Master of Arms ... “

“... will find out why you had to swim the flaming lake and then order 20 more laps,” he growled. “Sa’Ji’val, my Warder was trained by the Yard’s greatest Master of Arms and is the finest in the Yards. She will not let me out of her sight when danger comes clear ... “

“Yes, Asha’man, Gaidin ... “ And he heard footsteps walking away.

His eyes were only on Lysira as he smiled softly. He pushed so slightly against her suggestively and whispered, “Let’s find somewhere more private, my dear wife. Let us lose no more moments, and make up for moments lost.”
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