How Dare you... [ATTN: Eve/Caddoc]

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Re: How Dare you... [ATTN: Eve/Caddoc]

Post by Nani » August 18th, 2020, 4:09 am

Athilin Mensarn
His expression never changed, he always just stared at her like he was mocking her, making fun of her love. It shoved her anger further upwards, spiraling almost out of control. She sneered at him, through her tears, and slammed her hands on the desk once more. "I was supposed to be Misses Zean Kynear, and the BLIGHT TOOK HIM FROM ME!" Her normally calm and collected demeanour was shattered. Her voice was approaching nearly shrieking levels, and she was struggling to keep her voice level. "His name was Zean. He was a man I loved, and the Blight took him away from me. I have so little left to hold onto from him, but what I have... I cherish."

She felt... free. Even as tears streamed down her cheeks, and her hands shook from the force of her emotions, there was no longer a wall that stopping her from reaching out to the sweetest sense that she had ever felt before. Her hands reached up, rubbed the tears from her face, and she looked at him, reaching out to touch the power, just to gently carress it with her mind. As she did, her anger, her saddness faded. But the wall that previously would slam back in place didn't return as it faded. She let the feeling go, and she sat down on the chair once again, feeling slightly ashamed over the fact that she had lost control the way she had.

"Dedicated Caddoc... Pleaes forgive my outburts... I know it was necessary, but I am still ashamed of the way I acted. I am normally very in control of myself and my emotions." She swallowed hard, and wiped her eyes once more, hands still not as steady as she would like.
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Re: How Dare you... [ATTN: Eve/Caddoc]

Post by Eve » August 27th, 2020, 5:13 am

Caddoc sat quietly in his chair as she shrieked at him. This was not the first person to utterly lose their cool with him and, as usual, he did not react. He simply watched her, feeling that thrumming that indicated she had touched the source. He prepared himself a little more at that, but soon the sensation went away, and he relaxed within as he watched her sit back down.

Waiting as she calmed herself, he reached into his inner jacket pocket and withdrew a yellow handkerchief. Holding it out to her, he spoke. “You are forgiven. I took know offense.” If she took it, he allowed her to dry her face (Light forbid she blow her nose), and when on. “Regrettably, blocks are notoriously hard to break, and they almost always involve physical or emotional trauma. For the emotional parts, I am a rather...” He pondered this. “ideal candidate. I have a condition called Flat Affect. It restricts my emotional expression, which allows me to be the battering ram sometimes needed without slipping.” He sat back and, true to his word, still showed very little on his face. He hadn’t really seemed to change at all after her outburst. Glancing over at the fully raised member in the room, he said. “I suggest she be given her next period free to contain herself, wash her face, and get accustomed to the fact that the block is not there. In my studies, it is a rather...overwhelming experience, and might be adverse to her mental wellbeing to throw her directly back into her studies.”

He looked back to Athilin then and ever so slightly tipped his head to the side. “Are you in need of anything else before I depart?”
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