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December Admin Awards

Post by Bella » January 24th, 2018, 4:08 pm

I know, I know... It's almost February, but these awards are to primarily recognize contributions up to the end of 2017, although some recognize things that have continued through this month as well--because our writers are just that awesome. They cannot be contained! Anyways, here are the admin-level awards. Congratulations!
~*~ Andy with Alrim Farshera Gaidin ~ Lan Ribbon for Warding
Alrim Gaidin deserves this as he has really found his stride since gaining the Fancloak. He has set a good example for those Drin and Ji'val who follow in his footsteps.
~*~ Alianora with Liaran Din Chelai Morning Star ~ Purple Heart
This is given in recognition for a continued dramatic arc following the psychological and physical effects of her kidnapping by the White Tower, straight through the MRP and current trial thread.
~*~ Elan with Dedicated Marten Emry ~ Non-Player Character Ribbon
He kinda came out of nowhere (at least to me as a reader) but was suddenly rather dramatically integral to the thread. That's a really cool thing to happen with an NPC, and I believe Elan and his writing skills should be recognized for that.
~*~ Bella ~ The Mark of Friendship
For not only engaging on an OOC level on the forums and in Discord, but for using all characters to write with just about anyone and everyone.
~*~ Sunny with Accepted Jesi Molari ~ The Blaze of Glory
While it was known (to her writer, at least) that Jesi's time would likely be short lived, she had an impact on those she interacted with across multiple MRP's. In the end, she stood up to an Amyrlin with questionable motives, and paid the ultimate price. Jesi didn't even think of her well-being, but that of those around her.
~*~ Bella and Sunny ~ The Officer's Sanity Ribbon
Nominated by Roan, unanimously agreed upon by admin, for being "a huge source of support for me over the last. . .well, probably going on a year when I've gone through a fairly difficult time and dealt with the fallout from non-GT related stuff. They've always been an ear for me when I needed them, and I am very grateful for both of them."
~*~ Craig ~ The Blade, Fang and Flame's Commendation
To say that Craig has been working hard behind the scenes would be understating the matter. With everything that went into the new Library, host changes, and forum movement, he deserves to be recognized in the top way that we can. And all this in addition to being a presence in chat and on the forums with his characters and threads. The triumvirate is happy to award this commendation, and we thank him for all that he's done.

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Re: December Admin Awards

Post by Sunny » January 24th, 2018, 4:19 pm

Congratulations <3
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