April Awards!

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April Awards!

Post by Bella » April 10th, 2017, 1:39 pm

The nominations rolled in and the votes have been tallied! It was a busy couple of rounds, let me tell you, but how awesome is that? And everyone keep their eyes open on threads for the next two months, when we come 'round again. ;) In the meantime, the winners are...
[subtitle]Best Newcomer[/subtitle] Andy
[subtitle]Best Character Development[/subtitle] (We had a tie, so there are three winners here!)

Elia Darrow
Ravak Darrow
Nathaniel Carridus
[subtitle]Best Plot Development[/subtitle] A Most Excellent Adventure
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... =11&t=2853)
[subtitle]Most Captivating Thread[/subtitle] Evening: At the Heart of It All
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... 148&t=3059)
[subtitle]Most Tear-Jerking Thread[/subtitle] (Another tie!)

Bad News, Good News, Bad News
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... f=6&t=3087)

Win or Lose on a Rolling Die
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... =33&t=3076)
[subtitle]Best Non-Channeling Combat[/subtitle] Alrim Farshera & Nathaniel Carridus in Glimmer Straight and Clear
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... =25&t=3049)
[subtitle]Most Creative Use of the One Power[/subtitle] (Another tie!)

Taesh Durlaen & Plantweaving
(Budding Connections -- http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... t=2863&#41)

Jaren Marle & Healing
(An Unconventional Path -- http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtop ... t=3064&#41)
[subtitle]Best (New) Biography[/subtitle] Avairyana Borelle
(http://www.grey-tower.net/Wiki/index.ph ... na_Borelle)
[subtitle]Best Dynamic Duo / Couple[/subtitle] Miahala Sha'hal & Ravak Darrow
[subtitle]Best Star-Crossed Lovers[/subtitle] Jaryd Kosari & Jaren Marle
[subtitle]Best Villain[/subtitle] The Darkfriends of Vaidulo (NPCs by Craig & Matty)
[subtitle]Tower's Choice Ribbon[/subtitle] Bella
[subtitle]Friendship Ribbon[/subtitle]
Miahala Sha'hal & Jaryd Kosari
Alrim Farshera & Nathaniel Carridus (Bells & Brawn)
[subtitle]Friendship Ribbon[/subtitle]
Taesh Durlaen & Tristram Baryn
[subtitle]I Ship It! Ribbon[/subtitle]
Dax Torellion & Maever Donovan

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Re: April Awards!

Post by Roan » April 10th, 2017, 1:41 pm

Congratulations everyone! Well deserved to all of you.

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Re: April Awards!

Post by Sunny » April 10th, 2017, 1:44 pm

Omg the ship. *Dead*

Congrats everyone!!
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Re: April Awards!

Post by Craig » April 10th, 2017, 2:01 pm

It will take a little time to see the awards pop up on the Library (I've got some behind-the-scenes fiddling to do first) but the page for the 3rd Community Awards is now up.
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Re: April Awards!

Post by Andy » April 10th, 2017, 7:35 pm

Congrats all and thanks! :D

May the journey continue for shenanigans for all!
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