First Chord Struck [Attn: Sunny, Roan]

The offices of the M'hael, Amyrlin Seat, Master of Arms, Keeper and the MoNSTers
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Re: First Chord Struck [Attn: Sunny, Roan]

Post by Lugh » March 13th, 2018, 3:05 am

The Mistress of Training dried his halting signature, and Beron was pleased to see that he had managed to make it clear and strong. After that was cleaned up, she smiled and shook his hand. Her grip was strong and firm, as he would expect from someone who had devoted their life to mastering the martial arts that helped keep the Grey Tower safe.

“Thank you Mistress, I will see the Quartermaster after this and make sure everything is squared away. Luckily for me it will be similar in many ways to the Saldaean army, eat when cook calls mess, and duties for the rest of it. I look forward to learning what I can here, Finn was kind enough to show me a lot of the grounds,” Beron said as he shook her hand, and then he collected his gear and motioned for the Ji’val to show him to the Quartermaster. He paused only for a moment to look at the office and wonder at the history and future that lay within it’s walls.

After the pause, he shouldered his bedroll and checking his swordbelt, walked along with the Ji’val. He noticed there was another hopeful waiting at the landing of the stairs, so he nodded at the man and smiled slightly to help ease his nerves.
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