A New Role...

The offices of the M'hael, Amyrlin Seat, Master of Arms, Keeper and the MoNSTers
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A New Role...

Post by Andy » November 17th, 2017, 9:30 pm

It still hadn't sunk in yet, so much so that he wondered whether it was some strange dream. He had heard tell of the World of Dreams, but had failed to pronounce the true name for it. Perhaps he was there, still sleeping in the real world about things he had only speculated may come to pass. A foolish series of thoughts but he still came back to it with a small smile every so often as he sat at the desk - his desk now. A good one too, stout oak, old and worn but still possessed of decades of service. He hoped that he would match it.

"And of course at times when the Master of Arms is...otherwise unavailable...then you would need to fulfil certain duties. Nothing too taxing but it is customary an-"

"Unavailable? I do hope he will not go missing any time soon Karl"

"Eventualities are sometimes...unavoidable"

"So it would seem, but I was not being serious"

"Oh I see. Very amusing. But as I was saying"

"You can smile you know, I am hardly the most stuffy of people. I have been well informed of this"

"If we could get back to the matter at hand Gaidin Captain"

Alrim shook his head and wondered what the man had been through to be so...lacklustre. Still he said nothing more as Karl talked. Informed would be a better description. After all Alrim was somewhat singular beside Riahana and Ravak, not always for the better either. He was new, had never held office before. He was quickly learning that rules were like ants, they seemed small at first, but when they crawled all over you the only thing you could do was mentally scream and roll around hysterically. He kept his smile on until the man was finished before speaking.

"Thank you Karl, you are a credit to sticklers in all the lands. I do have one question though"


"What happens when we are under attack?"


"Well, let us say....hypothetically of course...that we were under siege. No hope of escape or victory. What then?"

"Well....in that extreme circumstance...I would imagine evacuation of the learning ranks and staff. A rear guard defence. Oh and most of the administration would need to be preserved to continue, of course"

"Ah yes, I remember it well"


"A choice of phrase Karl, think nothing of it. You may leave. I may call upon you later"

"Yes Gaidin Captain"

He waited for a count of fifty once the door had closed before he poured himself a drink and tried not to think of that test, long ago. He made a vow to himself to keep a close eye upon their enemies. He knew the Blues had their network and he would use it for all that it was worth if they let him. He had no intention of living in no win scenarios, he couldn't afford to now. What he treasured demanded otherwise. In the meantime, though, he occupied his thoughts with the present.

Paperwork, always paperwork. Why did we ever invent such a tedious thing? Who needs torture when you can be surrounded by parchment? The cuts alone would break the hardest man he mused to himself as he flipped through it all, signing what was needed and storing others for later in his drawer.

He leaned back into his chair and crossed his ankles upon the desk, finding himself satisfied and proud despite the strange turn of events. Someone, somewhere, must have thought he had served well enough for the position. He felt out at that second part of himself, Sadira, and knew she would tell him he was foolish to think otherwise. He was still getting used to their new connection. Still learning how to feel out direction, closeness and how she currently felt. He had heard that she could shield herself from him should she wish but he did not think it would be in her character, another thing he loved about her. He fancied that she was happy from what he felt.

"Who'd have thought, father, that when you threw me to the winds that you were wiser than you knew? Or that I would be sitting at this dek? You always said I took after my great great grandfather" he toasted as he took up his sword and, not for the first time, studied the worn image upon the pommel.

"For what it is worth...I will ensure that the Farshera will make their mark again. Differently this time. But I will make sure that they remember. Even if it ends up being a mere scrap of paper in the future for the Browns to argue over"

He chuckled at that. He respected the Browns but could not do their job. Still, things should not be forgotten. For better or worse. He hoped that he would make his mark, however brief, for the better. After all, he fully expected it to be found out that it was a clerical error by the end of the week.

Karl might even laugh then he thought.

He snorted and turned his attention back to his work.
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