Bitter Medicine (Attn: Master of Soldiers)

The offices of the M'hael, Amyrlin Seat, Master of Arms, Keeper and the MoNSTers
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Bitter Medicine (Attn: Master of Soldiers)

Post by Damon » July 12th, 2017, 5:28 am

Olin made his way to the Master of Soldiers office, conscious of the stares and whispers from the Soldiers who loitered in the hallway. Olin knew he should call them on their wasted time, taking them to task for their lack of labour; however he had much more pressing issues on his mind, and so said nothing.

At the door, Olin paused for a moment to collect himself, wishing he had changed. His clothes bore signs of wear from the heat and sand of the Three Fold Land. He also knew he smelled of blood and battle, but he had wished to impress upon the Master of Soldier that he had immediately reported in.

With a knock on the door, he waited until he heard a call to enter before stepping into an office he had not seen since his initial day at the Grey Tower. Jaryd Ashaman was in the office, and Olin felt his mouth dry as he considered what he was about to say to a man who had been M’Hael twice. Knowing the Ashaman would be a busy man, Olin stood at the desk and without preamble stated, “I wanted to be the first to alert you if my return from the Three Fold land. I departed on my own choosing to pursue training. Training dreams were calling me towards, training that led to me being in a position to rescue an Angreal from the Shadow. I realize I made an error leaving in the night, and submit to my penance”
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