To Face the Music [Attn: Leala?]

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To Face the Music [Attn: Leala?]

Post by Percy » October 17th, 2016, 1:22 am

The afternoon was characteristic of fall in Hana Valon: a cool morning had given way to this beautifully temperate mid-day. The sun warmed, but did not threaten to overheat- even the plant-life put off the worries of impending winter. Hustle and bustle that was the Grey Tower seemed heightened- for reasons Asan wasn't exactly sure. He'd arrived at the gates that morning, and after being detained for a bit while they checked his story. The once Tinker was assured things were moving as quickly as possible, however well documented both he and the event that sent him sprawling out of the tower was, certain.. precautions needed to be taken against infiltration. Asan hadn't really thought of that, he was entirely consumed with the fear of facing the Tower. To what degree would he be punished? Would they banish him? To a life of what? He'd finally made his mind to dedicate himself to fighting- fighting the Shadow, fighting for life.. wouldn't it just be his luck to be turned away just as he gained his resolve.

He was travel-worn, befitting a man who had no money nor possessions when the bubble of Evil threw him from the Tower. He suspected he didn't smell very good either. The road was rough, but if there was one thing Asan knew how to do decently it was travel. Not Travel, with the power, but honest, trudging along the surface of the Earth. Once he left the camp he pretended to be a part of the real work began. He took not a copper with him- he spent most his nights sleeping under bushes, or occasionally singing in taverns for a few coin. People were never charitable, but a Tinker without a caravan was a sight to behold. It meant a story- and people would pay for that. The young man learned a bit about the world traveling alone. Learned a few secrets about himself, learned just how much he needed the Tower now that his path had already started. It was a foolish thing not to return as soon as he could- to try and pretend it didn't have a hold on him.

Once deliberations were over he was told he was expected in the Administrative Offices. He was told "welcome back" though he did not feel well. Trudging through the town was perhaps the longest part of his journey. What awaited him? Did his path start anew, or end here? Just what did the Grey Tower intend to do with him?
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