An old tune made new [fanfic]

Welcome to the Warder Yards. This is the place for Warder and Trainee roleplays. Informal non-training interactions take place here, as well as some extended role plays.
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Welcome to the Warder Yards. This is the place for Warder and Trainee roleplays. Informal non-training interactions take place here, as well as some extended role plays. Yet these events may take place at any area of the Tower, and sometimes outside of it, since the images to the left merely serves as inspiration towards the sceneries of your stories. Channelers are always welcome, and might even find his or her bondmate through the threads that are displayed below.
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An old tune made new [fanfic]

Post by Lugh » January 12th, 2018, 7:40 pm

Beron Faim A bright rose coloured dawn was washing over the Warder Yard, the dawn greeted by many denizens of the Grey Tower. Luckily Beron had always been an early riser, short summers and long brutal winters meant there was always too much work to be done on the farms. And when he was in the pastures with the livestock, they kept their own time with little concern for his.

Beron polished an apple on his sleeve, the fruit still cool and crisp from the evening air and finished making his way to the Warder Yards. They were quiet, many of the Drin would still be waking up or grabbing food from the Kitchens. However Beron spotted a Ji’val near the Armoury, just beginning her practice.

As Beron walked towards the racks of practice blades, he was struck by the speed and fluidity of the woman as she danced through the swordforms. Each form flowed smoothly into the next, and Beron began to warm up; although his efforts were half hearted as he was admiring the grace and power of the Ji’val.

As he stretched his muscles and began to move through the stances and forms he had learned from his father he could feel the cadence and rhythm help settle his mind. His father being an earnest, straightforward and practical man had seen little need to embellish their swordsplay with a lot of flourishes. Still he had ensured all his male children knew the proper stances, guards and attacks that would be of best use. He could remember mornings spent as a child, a practice blade is in his hand, where he had been made to repeat the forms over and over under a watchful eye.

Beron had done well compared to the others, his keen eye and sharp memory helping him recall the steps and differences from one stance to the next. A love of climbing and his time in the army as a scout had also given Beron good strength and stamina, and so he pushed himself through the stances and attacks, trying to pour more speed into his movements.

Panting, Beron looked up and realized he had gained the attention of a few Drin, their stances and grips clearly awkward to his eye. As he caught his breath, a flurry of motion drew his eye to the Ji’val and he was astonished to see she was still training. Leaning against the fence, Beron watched the woman as she moved, and it wasn’t long before his eye spotted something he hadn’t noticed before.

This was no mere sequence of forms, the woman moved from attack to defence and feint in far too messy a pattern for that.

She’s replaying a fight, with only her memory she is facing an opponent once more, thought Beron to himself as he watched her sword slicing through the air. As he spent more time watching, he could imagine the outline of her opponent. A sudden twist or dodge would have helped her avoid a blow, and the sudden double step to press her advantage when her opponent had made a mistake. Beron was glad he knew enough of swordsmanship to follow along, the single half of the fight he witnessed being played out was enough to show the gap in their skill. Finally she winced, and Beron wondered if that was when the final blow had been struck. He could see little she could have done differently, but as she left the training ring, Beron knew he would work to prove her equal.

And so grinning in anticipation, Beron once more took up the training sword and this time began to work on incorporating some of the feints and flourishes he had seen her perform. They would take time to master he knew, as his muscles worked to overcome old habits, but he had seen the edge such sword dancing could give him.

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