Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

There is a saying among Aes Sedai...
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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Roan » December 12th, 2017, 10:49 pm

The world was tinted blood red as Paks fought against those that held her. Somewhere, a third person held her shoulders down. In the depths of her crazed mind, she recognized him, but when he asked if she was bonded to Jesi, she couldn’t speak. Her rage rolled off of her as her eyes locked onto his. Her throat was red-raw, but she ignored it as she tried to twist from the hands that held her down.

The people holding her were talking of getting her out of there. NO! They couldn’t! How could they deny her this? “You saw what she did! Let me go!” Hands were no longer holding her down, but she couldn’t move her arms or her legs. She looked around, wild eyes seeing the Amyrlin being led away.

How could they just let her go? “Muderer! You saw what she did to Jesi! Let me go!” A string of curses that would make a sailor blush rolled off of her tongue with ease, but she was being moved and could no longer see what was going on with the Amyrlin. She looked at the people around her. . .the ones moving her and her frustration only grew. They were between her and her goal, and in that moment, she hated them for it.
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The infirmary is a very good place. This may be the last reply from Paks in this thread. . .

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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Sunny » December 13th, 2017, 12:30 am

Finn’s eyes narrowed as he watched his peers move about. Something had broken through their trance of fear and shock and galvanized them to action, but he couldn’t put a finger on what it had been. One of them was even brave enough to address the Keeper herself, when before they had stood in frozen silence. What happened? Tucking the puzzle away for another day, Finn looked back to the screaming Ji’val.

He no longer needed to hold her down, he remembered, and loosened his grip. Marten had done something with the One Power and as much as she struggled, Paks didn’t budge. “Can I lift her?” He asked, looking up at the Dedicated. The other man nodded, and Finn sighed, his attention turning back to the woman in gray.

He cupped her cheek in his palm, intending to comfort. She turned her head and her teeth caught in the pad just below his thumb, biting down so hard he felt skin pop. Finn gasped, pulling his hand away and shaking it vigorously before grabbing her jaw more firmly, guiding her face up to look at his own. “If you attack her, you will die. We won't let that happen.” She spat a curse, which he ignored along with the throbbing pain in his palm.

Instead the Seanchan man gathered Paks in his arms, shifting her about until her head lay on one shoulder and her knees hooked over the opposite forearm. She still fought, even immobile; he could feel every muscle in her body straining as she struggled. Once on his feet he nodded to Marten, eyes fixed somewhere below the man’s chin. “Lead the way,” he said. “She’s going to tear herself to shreds.”

Haxia and Isla had already cleared a path through the assembly. He followed behind the three channelers, doing his best to block out the noise. If my leader is a traitor, am I held accountable for failing her commands? That was not how it worked in Seanchan, but then...nothing in the Westlands worked the way he expected.
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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Elan » December 15th, 2017, 10:51 pm

Marten Emry
His back was on fire. The shock of everything else that had happened had driven the pain from his mind for a time, but as he led the Drin towards the Infirmary, the effects of the Amyrlin’s ‘discipline’ came back with a vengeance. Drying blood made his ruined shirt and coat stick to his skin, and every movement hurt. Walking a little stiffly ahead of the Drin carrying the crazed woman, Marten was glad of the black coat; the blood wouldn’t be so visible on the black wool.

The walk to the Infirmary seemed to take way longer than it should have, yet at the end of it he couldn’t remember much since leaving the courtyard, just the sound of Paks cussing and weeping in turns, and the Drin’s gruff voice as he spoke to the woman, too quiet for Marten to make out the words. It was none of his business, anyway.

Several of the Yellow Ajah clustered around the small group as soon as they entered the Infirmary. “What happened to her?” somebody asked as they relieved the Drin of his burden. “She’s not injured,” another said, a woman, and Marten felt the chill of saidar being channelled.

“She… lost somebody very close to her,” he replied. The Yellows should know about the bond, so that they’d know to take the appropriate precautions, but Marten found himself reluctant to betray the secret. A Ji’val and an Accepted had no business being bonded in the first place. But surely Paks had been punished enough? Surely they wouldn’t give her more trouble for it? “Very close… And an Accepted is dead. The Amyrlin Seat… has gone crazy. She killed an Accepted.”

That, of course, earned a new onslaught of questions that the Drin and the two Novices thankfully helped answer, to the best of their abilities. It wasn’t a lot, but the Yellows seemed to understand that they couldn’t possibly know everything, and soon the focus shifted to making sure they were all fine. One rounded on Marten when he wasn’t paying attention, simply trying to blend into the background.

“You, Dedicated,” she said, her voice firm but gentle in that way all Healers seemed to share. “Sit down before you pass out.” Then she was behind him, inspecting the damage with a low whistle. “We’ll need to get your coat and shirt off. Who did this?”

“I told you,” he replied dully, fumbling with the buttons of his coat. “The Amyrlin Seat has gone crazy.” He could hear voices talking about going to see what was going on, to confirm — or discredit — the story of the Amyrlin Seat attacking Tower initiates, and he felt a brief surge of grim satisfaction as he thought about how they were going to find out that the confused students weren’t lying after all. Of course, that satisfaction couldn’t outweigh the horror of what had happened.

Removing your shirt was unexpectedly difficult when raising your arms hurt like a motherfucker. Finally the Yellow got impatient and cut the back of the shirt open, and fair enough, it was already ruined anyway. Then, without warning, the shock of Healing washed over him, making him gasp and nearly fall off the stool he was sitting on. He’d not realised he’d still been drunk — he’d not felt drunk — but in the face of the sudden crystal clear sobriety it was obvious… and much preferred, though there was nothing to do about it now. When the Yellow pointed him to a bed and told him to rest, he obeyed without another word.
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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Bella » December 20th, 2017, 6:25 am

[subtitle]Novice Isla Arkema[/subtitle]
When they had been making their way to the infirmary, Isla had had a mission.

While the others attended to the task of carrying the Ji'val from that killing field and to the hall of the Yellows, she had gone forth with the other designated companions to make sure that the way was clear. The last thing they needed was any amount of trouble to get in their way, for there had been quite enough of that for one day.

For one lifetime, she was sure.

Fortunately for them, the trip to the infirmary went smoothly. From there, she let the others handle it and let the Yellows...do what the Yellows were going to do. Quite suddenly, their little hastily formed regiment broke up. Mission completed. She felt herself drift off into the background of everything.

Isla somehow found herself backed into a table. The infirmary wasn't her favorite place, but it was not the worst anymore either. Not anymore.

"Are you injured?" a Yellow she did not know the name of asked her.

"I am not," Isla answered, almost blankly.

The Yellow eyed her for a moment longer, then nodded once and moved on. Whatever they had done, at least Paks was no longer screaming as she had been. That was something.

Now, however, Isla was on her own.

Everything came rushing at her. She saw the proclaimation of the Amyrlin Seat. The confusion and fear that swept through them all. The Dedicated and the Accepted standing up to her. Such courage...such idiocy... Why do those two so often go together? Marten flogged and nearly dead. Jesi dead. Paks screaming. Miahala having to arrest their leader. The Keeper nearly setting her free...

It was all too much in one instance, when she had been managing to push it aside.

Isla sat on a chair beside the table, buried her face in her hands, and wept for everything she knew...and everything she didn't.
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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Daniel » January 9th, 2018, 4:00 am

Nyaine The Aes Sedai’s attempt to put her at ease made Nyaine only angrier. Instead of doing something, she wanted Nyaine to calm down and follow procedure? What kind of idiotic procedure was it to let the perpetrator and her potential accomplice just get away on their own? It was irritating at best and recklessly stupid at worst. The Amyrlin was completely out of her mind, murdering initiates of the Tower in plain sight. She deserved a swift, fair trial followed by stilling and execution, and until that happened, a very strong guard. But now it looked like that might not happen, because the other full-ranked channellers present refused to act.

“Yet despite all your assurances, Aes Sedai”, Nyaine called after the Green, “you just let a murderess and her accomplice walk away without even so much as a guard. I sincerely doubt they will follow procedure out of the goodness of their probably black heart.”

The gall of the woman to whisper her that condescending message of not stooping to the level of criminals still infuriated her. Nyaine had neither done nor suggested anything of the sort. Either she had not been listened to, disregarded as a mere novice, a child to soothe and otherwise ignore, or maybe this was the act of yet another accomplice. Was the sister a Darkfriend, too, placed there to facilitate the escape if it should become necessary? If the Amyrlin herself was of the Black, this was firmly in the realm of possibilities. Even though it was unpleasant not to be taken seriously, it was by far the preferred option of the two. If the Amyrlin escaped, she would have her answer.
Nyaine looked down at the body of the dead Accepted, shivering as she recalled the empty feeling of her Delving probe. Without any clear idea of what to do and where to go now, she set off towards her quarters, thinking that this event would more than likely give her nightmares for a long time.

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Re: Episode Two: The Grey Tower Endures

Post by Craig » January 10th, 2018, 10:35 pm

Isadora Taavo The Keeper of the Chronicles
The descent into the depths of the Grey Tower were marked by its silence. No-one spoke, not even Ninya in her own defense. The only sound that accompanied the four channellers were the sounds of Anaris' footsteps and the scuffing of slippers against flagstone. Norinda led the way, followed by Ninya, then with herself and Anaris side-by-side at the rear. Isadora didn't know either Green. Nevertheless, she was grateful for their company. Even with the shield keeping Ninya locked away from the One Power, the woman could still be a harpy when provoked.

Anaris and Isa both tensed as Ninya lifted a hand towards her face. The Domani emitted a long yawn before slowly turning back to look at Isadora. She smirked, and there was a brightness in the Amyrlin's eyes that did not fit with the situation the woman found herself in. "Eyes forward," Anaris growled, and to Isadora's surprise, Ninya simply assented. Isa cast a quick look in Anaris' direction but the man was focused on Ninya. He wasn't here for her comfort. In addition, it seemed likely that the Asha'man held his own shield around the Amyrlin.

Five floors below ground, the party of four finally encountered another living soul. At the entranceway to the fifth floor stood a man unfamiliar to Isa. He was an Asha'man, as denoted by the dragon on his collar, and from the Indigo Ajah based on the cord around his shoulder. That explained his presence here, down in the vaults that stored the Grey Tower's angreal. His dark blue eyes widened fractionally as he watched the Amyrlin Seat walk by, escorted not by a retinue of followers but by people who were clearly her jailers. If Anaris was shielding Ninya, the Indigo would have seen that too.

They passed by without a word, and soon the group were alone once more.

Three more flights of stairs followed before they reached the dungeons, at the very lowest level beneath the Grey Tower. Isadora didn't have much familiarity with these cold hallways, but it seemed likely that Nordina did. The Green's pace didn't change as she moved through the torch-lit passageways, taking a serpentine route past unmarked doorways.

Finally they entered a large room, square in shape. A cell sat in the centre, about ten feet in length, height and width. The metal bars on the cage were thick; the gaps in between too narrow for even a child to pass through. Nordina opened the cell's door and glared frostily at Ninya until the Amyrlin stepped inside. The Domani turned back just in case to see Nordina placing a padlock around the bars.

A shiver ran up Isadora's spine when Ninya's amber eyes rose to meet her own. Despite the woman's surroundings, the only emotion that seemed to emanate from that almond-shaped gaze was one of triumph. She was imprisoned and shielded from saidar, yet somehow that look turned these surroundings into Ninya's private chamber, with her three jailers playing the roles of invited guests grateful to be there. Isadora had to pull her gaze away, and she swore she heard Ninya chuckle afterwards.

That chuckle was the last thing Isadora heard.

Pain was the first thing Isadora perceived. Agony seared rolled up her back and along her shoulder blades. She raised her head and felt sick, but she managed to clamber up onto all fours before having a look around. Isadora wasn't the only one on the ground. Nearby Anaris was face-down on the floor. Across the room on the other side of the cell, Norinda was beginning to get up.

The cell. The cell was empty.
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