Mixing It Up! [Attn: All Novices, Soldiers & Drin ~ PC, PSC & NPC Welcome]

A place for the Learning Ranks to socialize and mingle.
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Re: Mixing It Up! [Attn: All Novices, Soldiers & Drin ~ PC, PSC & NPC Welcome]

Post by Ashfalcon » November 22nd, 2022, 3:30 am

"I... disbelieve? ... that it is the same. To command the dark power is to fight with it, subjugate it, bend it to your will. There is no surrender involved." Darthalien knew that much from his own exercises. "But I am told that Saidar is different. The Weavers always told me that you gained control by letting yourself go." He shook his head. "I assume it is the same here, but I do not know."

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Re: Mixing It Up! [Attn: All Novices, Soldiers & Drin ~ PC, PSC & NPC Welcome]

Post by Locke » November 27th, 2022, 4:41 pm

“She ain’t my cousin, girlie,” Nas said before she could stop herself. Following the other girl’s gaze she added, “You know, the point of these things are to meet new people right? What d’yee be doin’ when the Aes Sedai do no be running yee ragged?” She was playing up her Illianer accent, more a pantomime of her father’s accident, but she was determined to inject some liveliness into the mixer if the Tower couldn’t be bothered.
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Re: Mixing It Up! [Attn: All Novices, Soldiers & Drin ~ PC, PSC & NPC Welcome]

Post by Alianora » December 4th, 2022, 2:07 am

Ekaitza, Novice
Turning back to the other novice, Ekaitza gave her a wide-eyed look of surprise. She muttered quietly, "Is there ever a time when they're not? If it's not classes, it's chores, and if it's not chores, it's studying. If I am lucky, I can just barely find time to wash and sleep!" As far as she could tell, that was just the way life at the Grey Tower was for a novice such as herself. If it wasn't so for Nasrin, Ekaitza thought she'd very much like to know how the other girl managed that.

After eating the last of the berries on her plate, Ekaitza rose and put the plate away. When she returned to her seat, she continued the conversation, saying, "Back home, I enjoyed dancing in the evenings, or some times I would just sit and listen to the music. I learned a little of how to play the drums, but I'm not very good." And I doubt I'll be able to improve, here, she thought unhappily to herself. Now that her hands weren't holding a plate, Ekaitza began to tap a rhythm with her hand on her knee, not entirely aware that she was doing so.

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