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Re: Fire and Ice (Attn: Anne)

Post by Craig » April 28th, 2017, 5:04 pm

Whilst Seryna's back was turned, Zarayne hastily removed every stitch of clothing. She left her wetlander clothing on the mattress of her stripped bed. Her skin could breathe again, but she took no opportunity to enjoy the moment. The sheet that was in the middle of the floor quickly became a makeshift cadin'sor. By the time Seryna turned back around, Zarayne was sat cross-legged on the floor, with the sheet concealing her with more modesty than the dress ever could.

The Aielwoman peered up from her place on the floor. "I am grateful too, Seryna." Her voice then dipped into a cautious tone. "There is no need to be afraid of being sent out from the Tower. Following the directions of your tutors seems to be the best thing to do in those regards."
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Elan wrote:Of course, the problems with observing a chain of command arise when the one in command decides to do something unspeakably idiotic, like taking off on his own for no discernible reason in the middle of enemy territory.

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