A new novice searches for conversation and distraction[Open]

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A new novice searches for conversation and distraction[Open]

Post by Anne » April 6th, 2017, 3:54 am

Seryna al' Lorne
[subtitle]A new novice searches for conversation and distraction/subtitle]
Seryna departs her first lesson in a tangle of emotions. It was exhilarating to finally be in the Tower after expecting it for so long. Yet now, the beautiful sensation of saidar was frightening. She had never realized the danger of drawing too much Power before arriving at the Tower. The teenager was slightly cross that someone had not said something earlier. Her mother's concerns had all made the rules about not channeling about accidents and dangers that could be avoided by not drawing the Power. Had her mother known how good it felt to Embrace the source - and the danger of it? Why wouldn't she disclose it to her daughter? Had her mother told her things that were untrue? With so many conflicting thoughts, she did not want to be alone. She completed her daily chores and walked the halls of the Tower.

She thought about visiting the room of her cousin. Yet her cousin had been taught everything Seryna had been taught at Dreana's knee. She would not know any different, except if she had spoken to different women and men experienced in the Power. She waffled for a minute. No. Seryna was unclear on how she felt about her mother and seeking Cara was to assuage Seryna's own confusion. It would do nothing for Cara. She continued to walk, realizing that she was nearing the channeling yard. She hesitated, knowing that she was not ready to enter. Her mind was jumbled with conflicting emotions and thoughts. She turned away, glancing around the Tower. Where were the other novices and - what were the men learning the Power called? Seryna ought to learn from one of them, lest she unintentionally insult someone.

Seryna has dark brown hair, nearly black. It is long, descending in loose waves to mid back. Today it is styled in a Dutch braid and tied with deep grey ribbon. Her eyes are warm chocolate brown. Her skin is fair and light, speckled with brown freckles from brief exposure to the sun. The freckles are predominantly on her shoulders and arms with small smattering on her collarbone. The sixteen-year-old stands at 5'8'' and is of average feminine form. She is pretty, but is no great beauty. She wears no make - up and wears a single pouch on a grey ribbon tied close in her belt pouch. The pouch is stitched in purple, green and yellow flowers on sturdy beige linen. Seryna worked to keep her expression calm but not stiff.

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Re: A new novice searches for conversation and distraction[Open]

Post by Paul » August 26th, 2017, 1:18 pm

Vitale’s day had not gone well. It all began the night before, when he had been practicing achieving the Void. Despite the difficulty he had experienced earlier in life, Vitae refused to give up when he had time to practice and get better. It's how he had convinced the blacksmith back home to take him on, he was persistent and practiced until he got it right. Unfortunately, he lost track of the time while practicing and it wasn't until pre-dawn light began to touch his window that Vitale realized his mistake. Knowing how soon he would have to be present for chores and to break his fast, Vitale also knew there was no point in trying to sleep, it was just going to have to be a difficult day.

As a result, Vitale turned what should have been simple tasks into spectacular failures due to sheer exhaustion. While scrubbing floors in the Soldier’s hall he, apparently, forgot to re soak his brush. It wasn't until he reached the far end of the hall that he realized the bucket was still back where he started and he hadn't actually cleaned the floor.

In a class on Tower history he actually fell asleep! The Accepted teaching the class was quite...creative in waking him up. He wanted to learn how she made it feel like he had been dunked head to toe in ice without leaving him so much as damp. His scream had provided amusement to everyone else for the rest of the class, and he still told to visit the Master of Soldiers office after Dinner.

He had missed breakfast by not paying attention to the time in his room, and missed lunch having to re-scrub the floors he had failed. Dinner was too far away, but even with a trip to the Master of Soldier’s office awaiting, he couldn’t wait for it to come.

The one consolation to his day was that he had finally successfully seized saidin. The feeling of holding that power within him, the constant struggle to stay alive and keep from being torn apart or burned to a crisp filled him with such vitality that for the first hour afterwards he had forgotten his tiredness. Now, after leaving said class, his exhaustion hit him tenfold and without even realizing it he had almost walked into a dark haired Novice. Vitale jumped back and stared at her as though she had appeared from nowhere.

She was a small girl, well most girls looked small to him. Not many spend any time in a forge or smithy either, so his experience with women tended to come from watching others fail miserably. He knew enough to know what not to do, he thought. Instead of anything else, he made a fair attempt at a flourished bow (at least he thought so) until he almost fell over at the bottom.

“Umm. Excuse me, I didn’t see you there…” Vitale began until he saw her face. The bells in his hair began to jingle as he shook his head, the two dark braids of his hair swinging past his shoulder blades. His green eyes crinkled in concern, he knew he was taller and broader than most, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you, are you alright?”

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