Weaving the Winds, attn: Laoise

When channelers need to channel and don't want to risk breaking the Tower into a million pieces, this is where they go.
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Weaving the Winds, attn: Laoise

Post by Alianora » May 12th, 2019, 8:58 pm

Liaran Sedai
Near the back of the Channeling Yards, far from anyone else working there, Liaran stood and watched the sky. Her head tilted back as she observed it, but there wasn't much to be seen. A few wispy white clouds stretched across an otherwise blue sky, muting the brightness of the sun, and it was warm enough that Liaran wished she could get away with taking off her shoes. The Aes Sedai didn't think there could have been a better day for the task ahead of her if she'd created it herself. Liaran smiled as she lowered her head from her survey of the weather and turned to walk towards the entrance, where she could more easily be seen.

She was still smiling when she reached the front of the area, positioning herself just inside the entrance to await her student. While she generally enjoyed teaching, the Cloud Dancing classes were a particular favorite of hers, and Liaran was looking forward to instructing a new student in the weaves she'd been using for most of her life. She reached down to brush a stray speck of dirt from the blue trousers she wore, then looked up again. Liaran stood still, dark eyes focused on the entrance, watching it as she waited for one of the passing novices to turn and come in so her lesson could begin.

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