Inspections (Attn: Tia Sedai)

When channelers need to channel and don't want to risk breaking the Tower into a million pieces, this is where they go.
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Inspections (Attn: Tia Sedai)

Post by Jack » October 3rd, 2016, 12:17 am

Jerid Walker Asha'man
[subtitle]Two months after the Children MRP[/subtitle] Whispers abounded the Channeling Yard as the youthful Asha’man walked through it, dressed in Asha’man black and the Indigo cord around his shoulder.

Very rare was the sighting of this Indigo Asha’man, Jerid Walker, the former First Seeker, in the Grey Tower.

He’d been a regular staple after he had abdicated his seat as head of his Ajah and in the Hall to another he hadn’t outwardly disclosed, but that soon changed after a visit to the Amyrlin Seat. The man had vanished overnight, especially after a fight with the former Mistress of Novices, and with him went a small contingent of the Tower’s more skilled Aes Sedai and Asha’man to Camden Corelle, a large town that was steadily gaining in reputation and size.

To see the gold-green eyed, chestnut-haired man in the Yard was unexpected and always the stir of rumor. For the longest time, in various roles over more than 125 years, Jerid was a staple in Tower history. He’d vanish for a decade at a time, but always was seen intermittently in those years.

This time, there was a sense he would not return, and that was cemented when he failed to appear during the devastation of the Soldier and Novice Halls. The word had been he was absent from Camden Corelle at the time of the incident, but this was the first sighting since then, at least in public.

Now as the Asha’man toured the area, with a young sun-gold haired woman in a fancloak a step ahead of him -- Sebrina Calin Gaidin was still a well known though recently vanished sight in the Tower -- Jerid could hear the gossip, but he paid no heed to it.

He had his reasons for being absent and he would not betray them save to a few, including the new M’Hael. A few whispers questioned his current Warder companion, that it was not his wife and bondmate Lysira, but she was present in the Tower and visiting Riahana Gaidin on matters at Camden Corelle. His wife had made it abundantly clear that her Asha’man was to be without a Warder at any time, especially after she threatened to forbid him from this visit.

After the events rocked the Tower, and the discovery that Mirin Sedai had been outed as a traitor, Lysira Walker was adamant about how her husband conducted business. Especially now.

His purpose today was to tour the Channeler Yards, observe the saidin-based Wards, and if need be, re-tune them. Given he had been one of the Asha’man to refine them in the first place, he took it as an absolute obligation on his part.

There was no knowing how much damage the Black Ajah wanted to inflict, and if need be he would see the Yard vacated, the Wards dissolved and redone.

But he would need help. And the person who perhaps used the Yard the most was already here. He saw her, off in the distance, practicing. The dark-haired beauty of an Aes Sedai was apparently calling down lightning against well placed targets.

As Jerid neared, saidin erupted in him, a storm of fire and ice that he wrestled to it his control. Flows of Air and Fire formed above them, and they coalesced into lightning that crashed earthward toward a nearby target. Four more followed, consistent in the same spot.

Jerid had no control over the weather, but it when it came to lightning, he was perhaps one of the most skilled battle channelers in the Tower.

“Tia Tomasan Sedai, you are with me,” the Indigo said. He might not have had charge over the Green Ajah, but the Indigo was still enough of a presence to actually expect others to listen.
Jerid Walker Asha'man
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