By Their Powers Combined (Attn: Roan)

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Re: By Their Powers Combined (Attn: Roan)

Post by Jenn » May 22nd, 2016, 4:16 am

His arms remained still at his sides as fine strokes of saidin sluiced the mud off of his face. Bands of iron-willed determination kept his temper in check, though it was more annoyance than anything else. Mud. When was the last time he had encountered mud? The Children avoided it with single minded intensity; all that snowy whiteness could not be mared. His brow arched as he met Tia's wide green eyes, his gaze lingering on the dress she wore. Much like all that pristine banded white.

Zeen looked down at himself. Well. This could not be allowed to stand. He plucked at his splattered shirt for a moment as Earth and Air came together. A rounded weave cupped up some of the mud, flows of Power shaping and rolling the liquid into a perfectly round orb. He bounced it up and down in his palm, miming the motions that one would use with a ball.

"You may not have done it intentionally," the Amadician said good naturedly, trying not to grin but failing utterly. " I assure you though, this completely is."

Guided partially by saidin, it almost felt like cheating as he threw the mudball at the Accepted. It flew unerringly true, and struck against her chest with the most satisfying splat of sound. He scooped up more mud and soon a second ball of it was bouncing above his palm. "You should probably think about defending yourself." He launched the second mudball at her as he spoke, his sudden laughter ringing out around them as a second stain appeared at Tia's hip.
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Re: By Their Powers Combined (Attn: Roan)

Post by Roan » June 18th, 2016, 1:52 pm

Tia Tomosan
Tia was in shock, but laughing as she looked down at the mud splatter on her chest.

“You should probably think about defending yourself,” Zeen said as he tossed another ball of mud while laughing. It was a deep, rumbling, infectious laugh that only fueled Tia’s own mirth.

The Accepted pulled together a weave to form a barrier between her and him that blocked a third ball. She dropped the ward long enough to form and toss a mud ball of her own, hitting him square in the face. She wasn’t quite quick enough with her ward as another ball of mud hit her in the stomach.

Tia couldn’t stop laughing, and used multiple threads of air to form multiple mudballs and started flinging them at Zeen in rapid fire succession. He had a similar idea, and before long both were covered from head to foot in mud. Tia couldn’t continue the onslaught for laughing too hard. She was doubled over clutching her sides as tears of laughter made oddly white trails down her face.

When Zeen’s booming laughter seemed to subside, she looked up, and started laughing all over again. Mud formed a wild pomade for his hair, and not much could be seen of his uniform beneath the sheen of mud that dripped from him. Tia smirked and held up her hands, “Truce?”

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