One Wrong Move (Fanfic)

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One Wrong Move (Fanfic)

Post by Leala » December 13th, 2015, 6:06 pm

Leala moved through Tel'aran'rhiod like she usually did, observing everything she could. She was becoming accustomed to the way things moved, to the way people flicked in and out of existence, as if seeing a glimpse of their aspirations and fears. She had seen a novice jump from the top of the Tower once, but she wasn't half way through the fall before she flicked out of the World of the Dreaming. That one had startled her nearly out of the dream. If the novice had hit the ground, there would have been a dead novice in the morning to deal with. Since then, Leala discussed with herself as to whether she had jumped or fallen. She wanted to say that she had fallen, but the more cold, logical part of her said that she had seen the girl spread her arms at the beginning of the fall. Perhaps she had thought to fly, then the dream twisted it. It was an unsettling experience, whatever the circumstance.

As she strode by the Warders' Yard, she saw trainees fighting in small flickers, sometimes in full armor. Sometimes she saw battle-hardened Warders doing the same thing. Curiosity got the better of her, and she went into the Yard. She had always thought that bonding a Warder somewhere along the lines would be a logical choice. After all, in her future tenure as an Aes Sedai, she would be thrust into unpredictable situations outside of the Tower. As she walked through the practice yards, she watched the slices of battles, and finally, something stumped her.

There was a flicker of a battle right in front of her, one that she could not see completely. The part that she did see, however, filled her with sheer terror. A trainee had dreamt of a Trolloc battle. She heard a young man yell, and was cut short as he flickered out of existence. The Trolloc stayed. It had become real to her. The Trolloc paused as he looked for the trainee, then gripped his crude lance and turned around to look her straight in the eye with its far too human-like eye stuck in the middle of a boar's head.

She reacted by embracing Saidar, then moving backward, readying herself to use it. Her brain couldn't move past the fear she was feeling, though. The Trolloc snorted, its breath putrid and hot in her face. Some part of her remembered logic and threw weaves of Fire and Air at the Trolloc, but they had no effect. Panic set in, and she ran. The Trolloc was faster, and as she felt one of his claws grab a hold of her hair, she concentrated on being far away, very far away. The concentration of panic was too much, she assumed, because she stayed in the monster's grasp as she raised her into the air.

She closed her eyes in primitive denial. The part of her that had thought to fight said to her, Leala Gymorraine. You are an Accepted of the Grey Tower. You use your brain every waking minute, and you can use it here too. The fear is what has you, not a monster. She set about introducing logic into her fear. This was called the World of the Dreaming for a reason. This Trolloc was not real. It was a realization of her fear, and nothing more. It took quite a bit of convincing, especially as she began to feel the heat of a Trolloc pot that she was likely dangling over, but after she convinced herself that she was safe, she felt her hair drop back to its natural position and her feet felt the ground once again.

When she opened her eyes, she confidently nodded to find that she was now alone, and the air smelled nothing like the Trolloc's breath. Instead of berating herself, since that would likely cause something else dangerous, she chalked the experience up to a lesson learned the hard way, and concentrated until she was out of the Warders' Yard and in her rooms again.

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