To Be, or Not To Be

The World outside the Grey Tower is a vast place.
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Re: To Be, or Not To Be

Post by Andy » October 12th, 2017, 7:27 pm

"I have nothing but what I'm carrying, wasn't supposed to be a long trip," he said with a shake of the head, "no matter, I can tell you about it another time. Thank you, for being here, even if it was luck"

"Let's get going"

With that it was a simple enough matter of getting to where Sadira could make the Gateway and then stepping through. He almost welcomed the cold feeling of the window for once, perhaps the first time ever. He breathed deeply on the other side, taking in that familiar blend of scents with sigh before the matter at hand tapped him upon the shoulder once more. It was a short trip to the Gaidin Captain, the Master of Arms being otherwise engaged.

The story came out and it was told with a sense of sadness. The fact that he based himself was clear enough but he refused to buckle until he was in his rooms. He was dismissed and he was happy for it, he didn't want to look into their eyes anymore. He disliked what he saw there. He left Sadira with parting thanks, a promise to talk further in the future.

In the end he found himself in his quarters and slumped into a chair to comfortable for what he believed he deserved. There was no more journey, nothing to keep his mind focused and off of the truth. The events. He looked at the bottle beside him and picked it up. He had to make up for what had happened but he had no idea how. For now he settled for finding a way to sleep.
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